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Orbiter: List of commits

Mirror of Martin Schweiger's Orbiter (beta) repository.

Rev. Time Author
c11127e7dadd tip 2019-09-14 10:05:50 Martin Schweiger

* DeltaGlider: added framework for vessel-specific Lua interface extension documentation. Lua interface source (DGLua.cpp is scanned by ldoc, and resulting html files are incorporated into the inline vessel help files (Deltaglider.chm and DG-S.chm). Also fixed a few build problems in Deltaglider project file.
* Quadcopter: added some more autopilot functions (WIP)

3ba87d555305 2019-08-29 05:35:07 Martin Schweiger

* Glass cockpit: bug fix: MFD text sometimes blurred because of sub-pixel misalignment of MFD billboard meshes (for MFD size <= 3, CompactGlasspit == TRUE and specific viewport sizes) [issue #1444]
* Quadcopter class: added vessel-specific Lua interface to provide access to various autopilot modes
* Quadcopter: added missing mesh and config files

598c81c7df2d 2019-08-23 08:33:55 Martin Schweiger

Added Quadcopter class to Orbitersk/samples/Vessel
tileedit: Matlab version replaced with current Qt-based version

d1ca43e6ae05 2019-03-05 07:11:50 Martin Schweiger

Modified initialisation sequence for freeflight vessels to make sure relative airspeed in vessel frame is valid in first time step. Addresses issue #561.

23869748e430 2019-03-01 06:57:59 Martin Schweiger

Bug fix: division by zero in Map MFD [issue #1399]

d91c7ee7c6c0 2019-02-21 02:11:04 Martin Schweiger

- Rearranged Orbitersdk/samples directory structure
- Refactoring of project files and property sheets
- Fix mul(const MATRIX4&, const VECTOR4&) in OrbiterAPI.h

62a2f619f8a7 2018-09-05 10:22:47 Martin Schweiger

* Mesh: group is re-initialised after edit with Mesh::EditGroup so that visibility volume is updated (issue #1356)
* API: oapiWriteLogV: all output now prepends timestamp (issue #1339)
* API: new function oapiWriteLogError() for consistent error output to log file
* Bug fix: Inconsistent save/load of vessel AF mode to/from scenario file. Default mode for both saving and loading is now "disabled" (0) [issue #268]
* Local light sources: sources with VIS_COCKPIT visibility flag are now skipped in external views, and sources with VIS_EXTERNAL are skipped in cockpit views to avoid filling the available slots with inactive lights [issue #1319]

afe77a998745 2018-08-25 14:50:16 Martin Schweiger

* Atlantis: Launch autopilot: implemented SSME throttle-down for max dynamic pressure between MET 35s and MET 77s, and throttle-down for 3g max acceleration at the end of the burn. Adjusted launch attitude profile to account for modified thrust values. [issue #1300]
* Bug fix: vessels landed at simulation start did not scan for grevity sources and therefore returned a zero weight vector [issue #1318]
* PanelElement::Reset2D() now has panelid parameter so that instances can decide if they need to reset.

53d3179b5278 2018-08-23 08:18:55 Martin Schweiger

* DeltaGlider: bug fix: fuel level indicators and fuel readouts corrupted in 2D panel mode when switching between vessel instances [issue #1323]
* DeltaGlider: bug fix: airbrake status indicator blinking together with retro door indicator when airbrake set at 1/2 position [issue #1322]

eb628498e598 2018-08-22 12:12:35 Martin Schweiger

DeltaGlider: bug fix: creating a new DeltaGlider or DG-S instance in a simulation that already contained a DeltaGlider (non-scram) instance would corrupt the fuel display, and prevent the scram throttle levers from showing. This was caused by mesh edits that were not cleared before the new instance was initialised, leading to cumulative mesh modifications. [issue #1323]

e36a5088b2de 2018-08-21 11:10:49 Martin Schweiger

* DeltaGlider: Insignia: layout geometry slightly altered and smaller font for winglet markings so that lower-case characters extending below baseline are not clipped [issue #1361]

f7570907698c 2018-08-21 07:57:50 Martin Schweiger

Surface-relative parameters (including position, altitude, ground and airspeed, atmospheric parameters) for each component of a SuperVessel immediately after assembly of the SuperVessel. For docked assemblies at simulation start this means that the surface parameters are up to date at the first clbkPreStep [issue #1374]

f228827a4971 2018-08-19 07:20:59 Martin Schweiger

* Atlantis: modified mass and thrust parameters [issue #1300]
* Atlantis: slight modification to AP launch profile to account for new specs
* Atlantis: payload attachment mass is now added to orbiter mass
* Atlantis: airfoil activation now separated from RCS activation. Automatic switch from RCS to airfoils at dynamic pressure > 1kPa during entry
* Surface MFD: bug fix: now uses airspeed instead of groundspeed vector for AOA calculation
* meshc: now allows parameters specified on command line ("meshc /H" for help). Quoted paths should work
* HST launch scenario: now uses correct launch date. AP parameters preset for correct target orbit insertion

52f54428235a 2018-08-13 07:22:12 Martin Schweiger

Bug fix: API functions VESSEL::GetAOA and VESSEL::GetSlipAngle are now based on air velocity vector instead of ground velocity vector [issue #1371]

562bcb80a2fe 2018-08-12 08:03:39 Martin Schweiger

Build options: debug info set to "none" for all binaries except orbitersdk.lib (/Z7)
Titan.cfg: reverted to standard texture set (new 2016-format textures only available as separate download)
Bug fix: Vessels located below planet reference radius had planet shadow not applied

46d6f1f27e74 2018-08-09 10:30:47 Martin Schweiger

Compiled orbitersdk.lib with VS2008 toolset to avoid /MD /MT module conflicts

9312c32d6ba9 2018-08-07 10:49:20 Martin Schweiger

Switched compiler toolset to VS2015 and updated the project files.
Fixed a problem in cloud render code that caused visual artefacts when camera was below cloud layer (visible on Titan with new (V2) cloud textures)

a5690411ef23 2017-12-04 08:33:12 Martin Schweiger

Lua interface: added unit testing in Scenarios\Tests\unit_test.scn (incomplete)

27fbba359a53 2017-12-04 08:16:26 Martin Schweiger

Lua interface: vessel class methods defined in separate source file
Lua interface: documentation built with ldoc using inline comments (Orbitersdk\doc\orbiter_lua.chm)
Celestial bodies config files: surface patch resolution limit increased to at least 9 for all bodies using TileFormat=2 to avoid "floating" landed bodies

35e007bb4c04 2017-10-14 09:11:19 Martin Schweiger

Fixed PMI calculation for docked vessels (see Doc/Technotes/composite.pdf and https://www.orbiter-forum.com/showthread.php?t=38762)

edd81e7d8c70 2017-10-11 06:46:52 Martin Schweiger

This commit reflects the modified build process for the Orbiter sources and doesn't contain any functional changes in the code.
Some changes to the SDK sample projects: meshes and config files are now kept in subdirectories for the corresponding projects and deployed to the final target directories in the Orbiter deploy folder as part of the build.

417090bf68b7 2017-09-01 10:15:09 Martin Schweiger

Bug fix: new style surface labels would not render when quadtree policy was set to cache+archive
New style surface labels: font size adapted to distance and level

1c7bc2178d50 2017-08-31 10:39:13 Martin Schweiger

Added missing Label.cfg files for Earth and Mars
Fixed leading space in Label type strings
Fixed label layer documentation in PlanetTextures.pdf
Prepared Moon for label layer

fbb3e03cba3f 2017-08-30 10:50:40 Martin Schweiger

Added support for quadtree-based surface labels to GraphicsClient interface.
D3D7Client now implements new surface labels

e99b325fec18 2017-08-28 04:37:03 Martin Schweiger

* tileedit: fixed some of the CTD bugs. fixed lack of mouse response when clicking on nagivation queues
* tileedit: now requires Matlab R2015b runtimes
* Planetary textures: added support for surface labels as an additional quadtree layer. Label layers for Earth and Mars are available from the highres texture download repositories (currently only from http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/mirrors/orbiter_radio/tex_mirror.html)
* DG: thermal subsystem: added 2D panel support
* Bug fix: SurfTile: rescaling bug for elevation mod tiles with scale factor != 1
* Bug fix: Vessel: transient thruster level was reset erroneously on IncThrusterGroupLevel

7674b1cae6e1 2016-11-25 09:00:45 Martin Schweiger

Earth and moon config: switched default elevation resolution to 0.5
API: new function oapiGetGbodyParent and oapiGetGbodyChild
DG: Thermal subsystem implemented
Bug fix: DG: landing/docking light switch anomaly in VC
Bug fix: SurfTile: rescaling bug for elevation mod tiles with scale factor != 1
Bug fix: Vessel: transient thruster level was reset erroneously on IncThrusterGroupLevel
Flight recorder: default stepsize reduced from 4 to 2s

5c50af326985 2016-09-10 18:58:21 Martin Schweiger

Bug fix: time acceleration keyboard commands (R, T) are now copied to the Time acceleration dialog if open.
Bug fix: SetAttitudeRotLevel: would have no effect in some circumstances [issue #1271]
Bug fix: DGS: glass cockpit fuel mass readout used scram tank instead of main tank
Bug fix: DG: Airfoil selector dial in VC didn't react to keyboard shortcuts
Bug fix: Scenario editor: editing state vectors for landed vessel caused spurious orientation and angular velocity
API: added function oapiSimulateBufferedKey and oapiSimulateImmediateKey (C++) and oapi.simulatebufferedkey and oapi.simulateimmediatekey (Lua)
Lua API: proc.wait_xxx functions extended to accept an optional function argument
Fixed Atlantis autopilot demo and a few other scenarios
Elevation system: now provides support for non-unity scaling factors
Planet config files: now parse ElevationResolution tag for rescaling elevation data to a target resolution (exposed to graphics clients via oapiGetObjectParam)

9845864216c5 2016-09-03 22:06:50 Martin Schweiger

Bug fix: VESSEL::GetStatus and VESSEL::GetStatusEx now respect the modified meaning of the arot and vrot vessel parameters for landed vessels (arot: rotation angles relative to planet frame, vrot.x: vessel CoG altitude above elevated ground)
Bug fix: Log error message DDERR_BLTFASTCANTCLIP resolved
D3D7client::clbkBlt now tries Blt if BltFast fails
Atlantis: AscentAP: turn off RCS thrusters on AP disengage [issue #1238]
Bug fix: config texture dir now respected by new-style planetary texture and elevation maps
API: New flag recognised by oapiGetObjectParam: OBJPRM_PLANET_MINELEVATION (exposes new MinElevation config tag)
Bug fix: visual artefact with rendered horizon haze on Mars (lower edge visible from hellas plantita)
Bug fix: DG: Command dialog (Ctrl-Space) not working correctly [issue #1266]

91e623360643 2016-08-31 04:28:56 Martin Schweiger

This commit corresponds to Orbiter 2016, released 30 August 2016

Bug fix: ZTreeManager: memory leak
Bug fix: Vessel: global speed computation in InitLanded did not take into account surface elevation (resulting in spurious nonzero airspeed reading)
Modified VESSEL::SetAttitudeRotLevel to better deal with thrusters registered with multiple attitude groups [issue #1157]
Cleaned up code for setting HUD colour / HUD intensity to increase chance of fixing issue [#1236]
Map MFD: now accepts OTARGET or BTARGET scenario tags for backward compatibility (preference is TARGET > OTARGET > BTARGET)
Reduced minimum nearplane limit for internal views from 2.5m to 1m (in external views it is still 2.5m)
ShuttlePB: Now defines convex hull for collision interface
ShuttleA: overhead panel now fully functional again
Bug fix: prevent vessels from going idle during touchdown point modification at ground contact
Bug fix: pad auto-refual is now working again.
Atlantis: Zero RCS levels on deactivating the ascent autopilot [issue #1238].
Atlantis: Enable attachment jettison with J. Enable MMU with E.
API: Force thruster level 0 on propellant disconnect.
Bug fix: DG: landing/docking lights not switched on at scenario start

9d367fc9464b 2016-08-16 09:06:24 Martin Schweiger

Various fixes to MSI installer script
Bug fix: vessels can now be created during VESSEL::clbkPostStep (writing initial state to update state)
DG: control dialog (Ctrl-Space) now syncs with control status [issue #1263]. Added airbrake and cockpit light controls
Inline graphics client: no longer clips particle streams
Vessel config files: Added tag "ClipRadius"
ISS: clip radius adjusted to avoid clipping solar panels
Updated Manual and Credits
New textures for Jovian satellites

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