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Orbiter: Commit

Mirror of Martin Schweiger's Orbiter (beta) repository.

Commit MetaInfo

Revision62a2f619f8a75438d594aa1d2968fcb6fae9c105 (tree)
Time2018-09-05 10:22:47
AuthorMartin Schweiger <martins@medp...>
CommiterMartin Schweiger

Log Message

* Mesh: group is re-initialised after edit with Mesh::EditGroup so that visibility volume is updated (issue #1356)
* API: oapiWriteLogV: all output now prepends timestamp (issue #1339)
* API: new function oapiWriteLogError() for consistent error output to log file
* Bug fix: Inconsistent save/load of vessel AF mode to/from scenario file. Default mode for both saving and loading is now "disabled" (0) [issue #268]
* Local light sources: sources with VIS_COCKPIT visibility flag are now skipped in external views, and sources with VIS_EXTERNAL are skipped in cockpit views to avoid filling the available slots with inactive lights [issue #1319]

Change Summary

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