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Mirror of Martin Schweiger's Orbiter (beta) repository.

Commit MetaInfo

Revisionafe77a9987452cb195750442682bf72e905e992a (tree)
Time2018-08-25 14:50:16
AuthorMartin Schweiger <martins@medp...>
CommiterMartin Schweiger

Log Message

* Atlantis: Launch autopilot: implemented SSME throttle-down for max dynamic pressure between MET 35s and MET 77s, and throttle-down for 3g max acceleration at the end of the burn. Adjusted launch attitude profile to account for modified thrust values. [issue #1300]
* Bug fix: vessels landed at simulation start did not scan for grevity sources and therefore returned a zero weight vector [issue #1318]
* PanelElement::Reset2D() now has panelid parameter so that instances can decide if they need to reset.

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