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Orbiter Visualisation Project

This project started as mirror of Martin Schweiger's SVN repository on Sourceforge, but quickly morphed into a development repository for OVP DirectX clients. So far, it hosts D3D9Client and D3D11Client, with the former (mainly implemented by Orbiter-Forum user jarmonik) mostly for reference.

This Wiki focus on D3D11Client development.


Create a vanilla Orbiter installation. Get the latest released version package here. Unzip to a temporary location, then copy the content of the extracted folder "OVP-0.1" to your created Orbiter installation (if asked for overwriting folders or files, click yes). Further instructions here.


Currently the project runs three named branches with some bookmarks to mark heads:

Named branchBookmarkDescription
(default)Mirror of SVN development - core OVP
D3D9ClientMirror of jarmonik's releases and CodePlex repository
D3D9Client(Orbiter130101)Mirror of jarmonik's beta releases
D3D11ClientFace's work branch (deprecated)
D3D11Client(master)Project master for Orbiter beta
D3D11Client(O2010P1)Project master for Orbiter 2010 Patch 1
D3DxClient(<user>/master)user's work branch


The following points are open for discussion and should reflect a first draft of a roadmap:

  1. Properly implement beacons for vessels, including proper lighting by them - completed.
  2. Implement per-pixel lighting for vessel, that would also support variable lights count - completed, supports up to 8 beacons, and number can be increased should the need arise.
  3. Make code compatible with latest Orbiter Beta release - completed, now the module is built against and compatible with Orbiter 111105 beta build.
  4. Adaptive tesselation for planet rendering. And/or Phong per-pixel lighting for terrain.
    • Problem: currently specular highlights looks very bad at close distance due to large size of trianges.
  5. Self-shadowing parts of the vessel.
    • Problem: shadow maps impractical due to multiple passes neccessary to create maps (one pass - one light source).
    • Suggestion: apply Parralax Occlusion Mapping or similar approach to fix it up.
  6. Add post-processing effects like lense glare.
  7. Computing particle systems' state propagation in compute shaders to free up CPU.
  8. Design API for vessel developers. Possibly custom shaders, advanced particle effects.