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oricsdk: List of commits

Rev. Time Author
r1581 2022-05-15 01:35:43 dbug

Added Fred72's schematics for the Oric MEA8000 speech synthesizer interface, including a bus expansion with slots allowing the connection of the interface at the same time as an Erebus or Microdisc device.
The "Photo" folder also contains a bunch of pictures showing how the interface should look like when fully assembled.
The "Synthor" folder contains some speech software in tap, dsk and hfe format to test the synthesizer.
Included are also a few stl files for building cases for the devices using a 3d printer.

r1580 2022-03-29 02:07:03 dbug

The Hobbit Improved - Version 1.7
- Added the possibility to toggle the new Font off and on.
- Replaced some hardcoded hex values by some definitions in common.h
- The version number is now clearly indicated on the title page

r1579 2022-03-12 22:30:00 dbug

The Hobbit Improved - Version 1.6
- Added Thror's map as well as a credit picture to the intro, with two new display effects
- Added a menu to toggle the sound ON/OFF
- Added a menu to allow the player to start the original version of the game
- Fixed the brief flash of white corruption appearing when the game starts by clearing the entire video memory area

r1578 2022-03-06 00:06:09 dbug

Improved Hobbit v1.5

NOTE: Ideally I'd like to do more fixes, so please avoid distributing it all over the place.
NOTE2: If this is not finished after one year, feel free to ignore the note above, it just means that "life happened" and this version is better than a non existing better one.

Version historic:
- 1.0 - 2015-04-13 [Silicebit] First DSK version of the Hobbit (see: https://forum.defence-force.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1225)
Note that attempting to use the SAVE or LOAD commands will still try to use the original tape code.
- 1.1 - 2015-04-14 [Silicebit] Same version, buyt with a INIST so the game autostarts
- 1.2 - 2022-02-23 [Dbug] Added this code that patches the game to speed-up the drawing routines using some multiplication, divide and modulo tables
- 1.3 - 2022-02-24 [Dbug] Replaced the system font by a fancy one ("oncial") to make the game feel a bit more atmospheric
- 1.4 - 2022-02-25 [Dbug] Added an intro picture based on the original game manual artwork
- 1.5 - 2022-02-26 [Dbug] The intro picture now appears with an unroll effect, and a music play in the background

TODO list:
- Modify the SAVE and LOAD code to use the floppy disk instead of tape
- Add proper credits to the game
- Add a way to show a manual directly on the game

Information regarding the game:
- HOBBIT.COM is 36176 bytes and loads/runs from $4fe
- There is code at $91B2 which recreates the $400-$4FF area which interfered with the Sedoric code in page 4
- $7422 contains the location of the routine that computes the screen address of a specific pixel
- The $405-$414 area contains a JMP table on various ROM routines patched to different addresses depending if an Oric 1 or Atmos is detected (See: https://forum.defence-force.org/viewtopic.php?p=26656#p26656)
- The saving code is called multiple time for various areas, totally about 3623 bytes (see: https://forum.defence-force.org/viewtopic.php?p=26664#p26664)

r1577 2022-01-20 02:30:50 dbug

Slightly modified the C Paint code to show the circle so it could be compared to the BASIC version

r1576 2022-01-19 04:16:21 dbug

Added a C version of Geoff Phillips BASIC flood fill routine, as well as a picture to test the method.

r1575 2022-01-16 18:22:41 dbug

Added the BASIC version of Geoff Phillips PAINT subroutine in the sample folder.

From the book "Oric Atmos and Oric 1 Graphics and Machine code techniques" available on the Oric library at https://library.defence-force.org/index.php?content=any&page=books&sort_by=name&freesearch=007084743

It is very slow, but it's an interesting example of how to use POINT, CURSET and manually do stack operations in BASIC.
Hopefully I'll managed to get the assembler version to run as well so we can compare the speed.

r1574 2021-10-05 02:37:56 dbug

6502/65c02/65816 detection code adapted from CC65
(c) Ullrich von Bassewitz, 02.04.1999

r1573 2021-10-05 02:35:18 dbug

Modified OSDKXAPARAMS to default to -C -W if not set by the user, this makes it possible to use the 65C02 and 65816 opcodes if the user wishes (useful for the CPU test program)

r1572 2021-08-14 19:06:51 dbug

Updated the Global Game Jam 2015 (Weekend in Oslo) project to use the latest OSDK (1.19)

r1571 2021-08-14 02:26:57 dbug

Added the complete SoLoud snapshot (see http://sol.gfxile.net/soloud/index.html for details)
The idea is to use this third party library for sound tools, in a similar way to what we use FreeImage in PictConv.

r1570 2021-08-12 00:59:26 dbug

OSDK 1.19

r1569 2021-08-12 00:54:04 dbug

Updated OSDK project file to build with VS2019

r1568 2021-08-12 00:50:45 dbug

Replaced some "gets" calls by "gets_s" to avoid some deprecation warnings

r1567 2021-08-12 00:46:18 dbug

Updated UnitTest++ project file to build with VS2019

r1566 2021-08-12 00:45:38 dbug

Updated FreeImage project files to build with VS2019

r1565 2021-08-12 00:44:15 dbug

Updated FreeImage project files to build with VS2019

r1564 2021-08-12 00:42:03 dbug

Renamed lrintf to opj_lrintf in OpenJPEG to avoid an "error C2169: 'lrintf': intrinsic function, cannot be defined with MSVC on windows"

r1563 2021-08-12 00:38:01 dbug

Minor fixes to allow LCC65 to compile with Visual Studio 2019

r1562 2021-08-12 00:35:45 dbug

Updated Oricutron to version 1.2.4

r1561 2021-08-10 01:31:45 dbug

Rambo 2 music, from the Tivoli Pirat, disassembled by Jede, and some optimizations by me.

r1560 2021-08-04 23:52:53 dbug

Realized that the Glitch Love source code had not been uploaded to the SVN repository.

r1559 2021-08-04 22:02:09 dbug

Fixed a line number inconsistency issue in the Mym music player

r1558 2021-02-01 01:22:49 mmu_man

Two simple pictures I'll need

r1557 2021-01-04 05:30:43 dbug

Fixed a typo in the ACR register - caught by ISS

r1556 2021-01-04 03:46:53 dbug

OSDK 1.18

r1555 2021-01-04 03:11:47 dbug

Changed the Oricutron default settings to declare the presence of a IJK joystick interface and two SDL joysticks.

r1554 2021-01-04 03:08:03 dbug

New OSDK Sample code to test the various joystick interfaces.
Natively supports IJK, PASE, Telestrat, OPEL, and partially Dk'Tronics (need more work)
Requires OSDK 1.18 or later

r1553 2021-01-04 03:01:20 dbug

Native Joystick support changes:
- Added SAVE_COMPILER_REGISTERS and RESTORE_COMPILER_REGISTER macros to allow for IRQ code written in C
- Added OsdkJoystickType, OsdkJoystick_0, OsdkJoystick_1 variables and associated enums with the list of supported interfaces and controls
- Added joystick_type_select() and joystick_read() functions
- Added joystick.s to the list of library files

r1552 2021-01-04 02:51:22 dbug

C Compiler documentation update

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