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Portable Assembler Framework operates on C source codes. Inspired by C Intermediate Language (CIL) and its applications, namely Continuation Passing C (CPC) and CCured.

This is an early draft.

The project aims to be highly portable. At the same time code quality is desired. For that purpose AdaMagic compatibility is chosen. AdaMagic is a translator of Ada into C/C++, but it is stuck in Ada 95, and Ada 95 is missing built-in containers, UTF conversions and some other stuff. Other Ada developers don't bother with Ada 95 compatibility, so Ada 95 stuff is often outdated. Also the license is not good sometimes. It was decided not to use outdated container libraries and go own way instead. So some foundational stuff is reimplemented in Ada 95, and on top of that it will be possible to experiment with parsing and processing.

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Portable Assembler Framework
Portable Assembler Framework
Portable Assembler Framework
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Type information: is zeroed memory a default for element type
Portable Assembler Framework
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Big reallocation bug fix: only copy minimum of old and new sizes
Portable Assembler Framework
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Reallocatable storage pool: classwide declaration of default pool and Reallocate test
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