PeaZip 7.2.0 - Free, Open Source file archiver utility
2020-04-09 01:07 (by giorgio_tani)

PeaZip 7.2.0 is ready for download!

Release 7.2.0 if focused on improving creation of archives.

More options are now remembered, like file spanning, dictionary, word, passes, and block size, and archiving options defined in the GUI can now be saved to custom compression settings files.

Compression presets mechanism was rewritten to use custom compression files, allowing to fully customize them.

ZPAQ format support was improved, optimizing default parameters for better compression, and enabling advanced features supported by the format such as AES256 encryption, and extraction of multiple versions of same file in archive.

193 file extensions are currently supported.


PeaZip is a file manager and archive manager utility (compress and decompress files, edit existing archives, backup data), focused on security and data protection, Free Software replacement for WinRar, WinZip, and similar applications.

Create (compress to) 7Z, Brotli, BZip2, GZip, PAQ, PEA, TAR, WIM, XZ (LZMA2), ZIP, Zstandard files, SFX self-extracting archives, and spanned archives (001 split files)

Open, browse, decompress/extract RAR / RAR5, ACE, APPX, APK, ARJ, CAB, DMG, IPA, ISO, JAR, LHA, MSI, UDF, ZIPX files and more...

Built-in archive conversion: convert or consolidate existing archives, from any read-supported to any write-supported type, e.g .rar to .zip or .7z conversion; repair FreeArc .arc archive format.

The program provides strong encryption with optional two factor authentication (encrypt with password and keyfile), encrypted password manager, random password / keyfile generation, secure data deletion (files, folders, free disk space), hashing and checksum functions.

Released as LGPLv3 software for Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista/7/8/10, 32 and 64 bit; ReactOS and Wine), GNU/Linux, and BSD systems - experimental Linux for ARM (ChromeOS, Android) version is available.


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Translations are available in more than 30 languages, help is welcome to translate the application to new languages and maintain current localizations, so please give a look to translations page

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