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Peux OS is a beautiful, secure, and minimal archlinux-distro. Currently, three desktop editions are available: XFCE, LXQt, and KDE.

Key Features:

BTRFS with Autosnap





==>> dd/Rufus-dd/multiwriter to make USB bootable <<==

Note: If for some reason you are not seeing a release here, make sure to check the storage section:

**Finally, If you like it then spread the word. Thanks. **


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2022-08-17 13:13
Review by laBull

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I've been using your config on my system, made it easy to setup window managers.
it does what the author/developer says it does. Everything is mentioned on the website.
its a hobby project, so i'll overlook perks that we usually get with big projects like ubuntu or zorin type distros

2022-08-07 22:44
Review by LTux

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I find this distro intriguing, knowing that it is just theming however it is more than that. I mean idont remember anyone coming with polybar/tint2 panels on standard DEs before this.

2022-07-18 22:33
Review by gravedigger1

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I ran across Peux about 2 weeks ago and it looks very promising. I've watch a couple of reviews on it and for the most part the reviewers love it. I however have one issue that support doesn't seem to want to answer. That would be before I install the OS I want to know which drivers for nVidia it's using. I have a nVidia 1650 supper and would like the nVidia drivers right out of the gate instead of having to go through the hassle of trying to install them after I've installed Peux.
Looks great
Doesn't seem to be any actual support
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