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PostgreSQL executes queries using cost-based optimizer, and sometimes fails to choose most optimized execution plan or some types of queries. In such cases, pg_hint_plan helps users to guide the planner to choose the plans they want by putting some nstructions - call them hints - in the comments prefixed to the SQL statement body. No need to rewrite statement tself nor change some GUC parameters elsewhere.

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Released at 2018-06-08 15:49
pg_hint_plan for PostgreSQL 9.3 1.1.6 (3 files Hide)

Release Notes

pg_hint_plan for PG9.3 1.1.6 is released.

1.1.5 has a crash bug. If server receives the extended-protocol message "Describe" after invalidation of corresponding query cache, pg_hint_plan crashes.

Addition to that several related changes of PostgreSQL/pg_stat_statements were taken in.

PG9.3向けの pg_hint_plan 1.1.6 をリリースします

1.1.5 ではクラッシュする可能性のあるがバグがあります。関係するクエリキャッシュが無効化された状態でサーバが拡張プロトコルの Describe メッセージを受け取るとクラッシュする可能性があります。

この他にPostgreSQL本体と pg_stat_statements に施されたいくつかの修正を取り込んでいます。


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