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PostgreSQL executes queries using cost-based optimizer, and sometimes fails to choose most optimized execution plan or some types of queries. In such cases, pg_hint_plan helps users to guide the planner to choose the plans they want by putting some nstructions - call them hints - in the comments prefixed to the SQL statement body. No need to rewrite statement tself nor change some GUC parameters elsewhere.

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Released at 2020-10-30 09:07
pg_hint_plan for PostgreSQL 11 1.3.7 (7 files Hide)

Release Notes

pg_hint_plan11 1.3.7 is released.

Since PostgreSQL 11 hash join is disabled when estimated hash size exceeds work_mem. Due to that behavior, HashJoin hint could result in NestLoop. In this version HashJoin gets more coercive by effectively ignoring the limitation by work_mem while join cost estimation.

pg_hint_plan11 1.3.7をリリースします。



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