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pg_hint_plan: Commit

firtst release

Commit MetaInfo

Revision2d4e847e04e4c28564470beefe34f39ef4c187e6 (tree)
Time2020-07-14 18:09:48
Authorsherlockcpp <63178771+sherlockcpp@user...>
CommiterKyotaro Horiguchi

Log Message

Add description of *ScanRegExp hints in the document.

English version of hint list is missing regexp versions of scan
hints. Add them.

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- a/doc/hint_list.html
+++ b/doc/hint_list.html
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
2626 </tr>
2727 </thead>
2828 <tbody>
29-<tr><td rowspan="10" nowrap>Scan method</td>
29+<tr><td rowspan="11" nowrap>Scan method</td>
3030 <td nowrap>SeqScan(table)</td>
3131 <td>Forces sequential scan on the table</td></tr>
3232 <tr><td>TidScan(table)</td>
@@ -37,6 +37,8 @@
3737 <td>Forces index only scan on the table. Rstricts to specfied indexes if any. Index scan may be used if index only scan is not available. Available for PostgreSQL 9.2 and later.</td></tr>
3838 <tr><td nowrap>BitmapScan(table[ index...])</td>
3939 <td>Forces bitmap scan on the table. Restoricts to specfied indexes if any.</td></tr>
40+<tr><td nowrap>IndexScanRegexp(table[ POSIX Regexp...])</br>IndexOnlyScanRegexp(table[ POSIX Regexp...])</br>BitmapScanRegexp(table[ POSIX Regexp...])</td>
41+ <td>Forces index scan or index only scan (For PostgreSQL 9.2 and later) or bitmap scan on the table. Restricts to indexes that matches the specified <a href="https://www.postgresql.org/docs/11/functions-matching.html#FUNCTIONS-POSIX-REGEXP">POSIX regular expression</a> pattern</td></tr>
4042 <tr><td nowrap>NoSeqScan(table)</td>
4143 <td>Forces not to do sequential scan on the table.</td></tr>
4244 <tr><td nowrap>NoTidScan(table)</td>
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