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PkgBrowser is an Arch Linux utility for browsing Pacman databases and the AUR

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Arch Linux x86_64


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2021-03-25 06:27
Review by giorgos

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best gui for package browsing, I switched from the heavy and buggy pamac to this excellent tool
does not save the parameters (seach AUR in particular) it would be good to be able to save and reopen the gui with the same parameters set.

2020-12-03 11:18
Review by Cody Learner

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I've used pkgbrowser since kachelaqa offered it back in April 2011. Over the years, kachelaqa has kept up on the updates, added a few features, and offered support on the forums. Pkgbrowser makes an awesome addition to any Arch users toolbox.
Works great for a quick and detailed overview of AUR and official Arch repo packages. Sometimes one just wants quick access to information without the command line.
None. Well not really a con, but when one has time to waste, the CLI is more interesting and can provide very specific details on anything package related. Go checkout all pacman's features and capabilities including makepkg, then there's expac, pacutils, pacman-contrib. . . . . . . . . . [ $ pacman -Ql pacman | grep bin | basename-dr ] makepkg, makepkg-template, pacman, pacman-conf, pacman-db-upgrade, pacman-key, repo-add, repo-elephant, repo-remove, testpkg, vercmp,
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