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Development of FreeBSD ports management utility designed to be suitable for reinstallation of all packages afrer major version upgrade of the system or very long absence of ports upgrade.

The current implementation pursues a replacement of portupgrade and portmaster to facilitate the perfect upgrade of the whole packages in heavly customized systems by configuration compatible with portupgrade. Most of the issues in /usr/ports/UPDATING are resolved automatically. Robust restarting functionality against manual/sudden termination is also pursued for facilitating package build in busy or low-performance machines. Utilities for building packages in a chroot environment are also developed for safe upgrade.

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Released at 2018-06-29 16:25
portsreinstall Version 4.0.0 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Flavor is supported. New utilities are added for building packages in a chroot environment which is a masking image of the target (host) environment.


NEW Flavor is supported. Related to this feature, representations of port origins without flavor is recognized to exactly match the unflavored ones.

NEW Option -F is added.

NEW packupgrade command is added.

NEW reset keepstatus command is added.

NEW freeze and show freeze commands are added. FREEZE section is added to ${LOCALBASE}/etc/portsreinstall.conf.

NEW show conflict_files command is added.

NEW CONFLICT section is added to ${LOCALBASE}/etc/portsreinstall.conf.

NEW Utilities of portsreinstall-upgrade(8) and portsreinstall-chroot(8) are added.

NEW Change of port options made outside of portsreinstall(8) is automatically detected.

IMPROVED The (re)installation process is changed to be repeated until all-automatically resolvable problems are resolved. Thus there is no more need to simply repeat redo command to complete the automatic solution.

IMPROVED The way of detecting the packages system is changed to check both WITH_PKG and WITH_PKGNG in accordance with the specification change of the ports tree. The descriptions about the packages system is updated as well.

IMPROVED reset command is improved to reset the database cleaner and preserve manually set taboo/freeze/need/noneed lists.

IMPROVED reconf command is changed to be available any time.

IMPROVED Inspection of merged ports is improved to make the deinstallation of old packages effective.

FIX pkgsanity command had lost its ability to detect missing files because of the specification change of pkg(8).

FIX Command line arguments could have interpreted "add" keyword as a glob matching math/add.

FIX Option -k did not work properly with option -g.