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updated readme with some new info about the game

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1-彼岸花 Project 01 話の地球 //Higanbana Project 01 ~ Story of Chikyuu
1+彼岸花 Project 01 話の地ç? //Higanbana Project 01 ~ Story of Chikyuu
22 ==============
33 Open watcom to compile the code of project 16
44 --------------
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2323 project 16 is in deep dump right now
2424 it is leaving the pre alpha state and heading into alpha state www
2525 which means cache manager work but... it needs much rewriting for the new file formats
27+#### info about the game:
28+top down scroller similar to the game Ib
29+my budget is small because i am a broke collage student
30+the main issues i have is reworking the chache manager of the old id engine to work with the new file formats and getting it all together to work
31+and reworking old experimental code into id_RF
32+there is alot of work that i dont know how to make it work
33+i will do alot of coding but i am stuck on the game engine cache manager and sound issues
34+yeah there is no sound system for the game either
35+there is the latest stuff from
36+the game is a 16 bit top down scroller in 4 directions where is loads more levels and maps within levels similar to the game Ib
37+it will have a save feature, OPL3 and PC speacker sounds, a custom palette manager that loads palette for different sprites and stuff on the fly and merge matching colors together
38+i need to return the ylookup table for the graphical system
39+which is what wolf 3d used
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