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Revisionf07ad38ff763ea40aa1a1a98831a131a5a5c0db1 (tree)
Time2020-01-12 10:39:47
Authorsparky4 <sparky4@cock...>

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updated copyright. i am not dead just busy. i am working more on wolfenstien 3d and comander keen code for the time meaing to understand the id engine mechanics. i just only need time... and motivation

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

--- a/src/util/shbat/
+++ b/src/util/shbat/
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
11 #!/bin/bash
22 git commit -a -m "$1"
3-git push x4 master
3+#++++git push x4 master
44 git push origin master
55 git push jp master
66 git push sf master
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