[en][Announce] Domain-name lost, official-site relocated
2005-09-26 23:46 (by henoheno)

Dear PukiWiki users and site administrators:

We have lost the ownership of the domain name 'pukiwiki.org' by
our mistake. It _IS NOW_ owned by another person, who is not
related 'PukiWiki Developers Team', and it is now for sale.
So we changed the URL of the official site.

The reason of this sudden issue are these clunky dis-administration.
  1) Lost of the mail account registrated for the DNS name, and
  2) Forgotten updating the DNS name's registration including
      Redemption Grace Period.

We are very sorry for your inconvenience.

For changing domain-name's owner and reselling issue, please
change following links to the Pukiwiki official site in your PukiWiki
site itself, to avoid unexpected damage to your site readers by
setting malicious contents to the old domain by new owner
(if s/he planed):

 * At lib/init.php
  From: http://pukiwiki.org/
  To:   http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/

 * URL links to the old domain (Please search them)
  From: http://pukiwiki.org/
  To:   http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/

 * The URL link to image file in 'SandBox' page by default
  From: http://pukiwiki.org/pukiwiki.png or
  To:  http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/image/b_pukiwiki-official.png

 * InterWiki settings in 'InterWikiName' page

 Delete:-[http://pukiwiki.org/? pukiwiki] utf8
 Delete:-[http://pukiwiki.org/? pukiwiki.org] utf8
 Add   :-[http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/? pukiwiki] utf8
 Add   :-[http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/? pukiwiki.org] utf8


We have reloated PukiWiki official site to:
http://pukiwiki.sourceforge.jp/ . The main reason is
solving administrative problem about temporary server
environment, and also solving dns problem.

  Pukiwiki-official(former called 'PukiWiki-org'):


Please be warned that access to new server environment
will be slower than previous one. Please refer RSS to check

File downloads, mailing lists, cvs repository are still hosted by

Please note: All changes mentioned in this announcement
are only related with a DNS name (and especially Web-server
The development of PukiWiki always continues.
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