Welcome to Project Qmiga

Project Qmiga (クミガ) is meant to be a place for Amiga related QEMU development and is to help collaboration and host work in progress that is not yet ready for inclusion in QEMU. Consequently, code hosted here is not yet ready for general use (may not even work) and is mostly interesting only for developers who may want to contribute to help finishing it. End users willing to run it for other than testing and development should better use what is already in QEMU where finished results will be upstreamed.

Why this project?

QEMU can already run some Amiga like OSes but it took several years to get there for only one person with limited free time and knowledge. It would take another few years to improve it and make it more usable if I continue that way. Therefore, this project was created to make development more open and allow other interested people to join and cooperate and combine their knowledge and time to allow this to move even when I have no time to work on it. The main focus is to emulate machines to run Amiga like operating systems but the results may also be useful for other machine emulations or running other OSes as well so contributions towards such common goals are also welcome.


There are several areas where improvements can be made that can be worked on independently. These are tracked in following subprojects:

QEMU development tips

If you're not yet familiar with QEMU development or interested in some tips that may be useful when working on this project refer to the DeveloperTips page.