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Communication Library for RoboCup Rescue Simulation. It supports the communications between agents and centers.

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Released at 2013-01-24 12:47
rcrscs 1.231-src (1 files Hide)

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I fixed some bug in library.
And, I add this new 2 message below.

ScoutAreaTaskMessage(int time, EntityID ownerID, EntityID targetAgentID, EntityID... areas)
DecideLeaderTaskMessage(int time, EntityID ownerID, EntityID targetAgentID)

ScoutAreaTaskMessage is scout order for some Areas.
Let the scout an optional area to agent.

DecideLeaderTaskMessage is leader election order.
RCRSCS ver1.0 is not consider centerless situation.
So, ver1.0 can't correctly action on Centerless scenario.
If situation is Centerless, provide center work to agent.