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A base library, base team, and related tools for The RoboCup Soccer Simulation.

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Released at 2007-09-10 21:50
soccerwindow2 2.1.0 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

RoboCup Soccer Simulator専用のビューワプログラムです.


-Qt-3.3.x または Qt-4

* Added command line options, '--host', '--reverse-side',
'--player-reverse-draw' and '--anonymous-mode'

* Implemented the scoreboard for the penalty shootouts.

* Supported anonymous mode in soccerwindow2.

* Supported reverse draw in soccerwindow2.

* Supported zoom in/out and focus change in fedit.

* Added command line options, '--conf' and '--data', to fedit to
specify the configuration files.

* Implemented a mouse drag focus.

* Added a simple launcher dialog.

* removed wx version.

* Qt3 version only: supported graphic object in the player's debug
log files. See the documentation of librcsc.

* added a launcher dialog.

* added new options '--hide-menu-bar' and '--anonymous-mode'.


see ChangeLog in the released package.