How to install Virt-Manager

If you are using GNOME and have Gnome Boxes installed, you have the necessary Virt-manager dependencies.

Gnome Boxes installs with:

sudo pacman -S gnome-boxes ebtables bridge-utils netcat radvd dmidecode ceph qemu-block-gluster qemu-arch-extra qemu-block-iscsi qemu-block-rbd qemu-block-gluster

Virt-manager installs with:

sudo pacman -S virt-manager edk2-ovmf

edk2-ovmf is the one who provides UEFI support.

Activation of Virt-Manager is done with:

sudo systemctl enable --now libvirtd.service

Virt-manager dependencies are installed with (remember that if we have GNOME and we also have Gnome Boxes installed, this step is not needed):

sudo pacman -S qemu radvd dmidecode ceph qemu-block-gluster netcat bridge-utils ebtables

Then, your user must belong to the following groups:


How do I add my user to these groups? Being <user> the name of my user, we can do it from the terminal with:

sudo gpasswd -a <usuario> libvirt
sudo gpasswd -a <usuario> kvm

Reboot the system and it is ready to use.