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This is a tool for collectively rewriting the ** file update time ** of still image files when extracting still images at regular time intervals from time-lapse movies.

  • Java application. (java 8 later)
  • Command line interface.



Quick start

Command line interface.

How to start:

  • move to directory which download jar file. $ cd (ダウンロードしたJARファイルがあるディレクトリ)
  • start command $ java -jar ReStamp-xx.xx.jar <argv0> <argv1> <argv2> <argv3> <argv4> or $ java -jar ReStamp-xx.xx.jar <argv0> <argv1> <argv2> <argv3> <argv4> <arg5>
  • command paramerters
parameter name discription
argv0 imgDir source folder<br/> exp../img/100MEDIA
argv1 baseFile1 image file for base time 1
argv2 baseTime1 base time1 "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss JST"<br/>exp. 2019-09-01 16:26:51 JST
argv3 baseFile2 image file for base time 2
argv4 baseTime2 base time 2 "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss JST"<br/>exp. 2019-09-01 16:26:51 JST
argv5 outputDir (option)output folder.<br/>If omitted, overwrite the source image file.


* Qiita(https://qiita.com/yuuhayashi@github/items/cdf4ceb064d483f29a35)"タイムラプス動画から静止画を切り出して、位置情報をつけて、Mapillaryサイトに一括アップする手順のまとめ"

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