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Rev. Time Author Message
a678210 2021-01-24 18:23:51 nacyro master Revise version of packages in versions.ods toolchain work...
f516b65 2021-01-19 22:47:46 He Chenlan Changed file format.
9013a8b 2021-01-19 22:45:47 He Chenlan Finished %setup
92c12a9 2021-01-19 18:58:30 He Chenlan test
9e62084 2021-01-19 01:19:05 He Chenlan Finished %global
cf8c5da 2021-01-18 23:46:51 He Chenlan Fix error.
2d2d0c5 2021-01-18 23:46:08 He Chenlan Add templete of spec.
10f2802 2021-01-18 23:29:45 He Chenlan Delete unnecessary paragraph.
32842c3 2021-01-18 23:28:29 He Chenlan Add the license of spec.
bf8478f 2021-01-18 22:29:50 He Chenlan Finished the struct of spec.


Name Rev. Time Author Message
master a678210 2021-01-24 18:23:51 nacyro Revise version of packages ...

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