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Rev. Time Author Message
5583815 2021-02-14 14:09:22 He Chenlan master Changed some config of openrc.
bb7d9e3 2021-02-06 01:29:42 He Chenlan Finished gawk %install
d941e11 2021-02-06 01:17:25 He Chenlan Finished sysfsutils %install
732ff27 2021-02-06 01:06:34 He Chenlan Almost finished which.
9a553a5 2021-02-06 00:59:50 He Chenlan File need to be confirm again.
be44664 2021-02-06 00:50:09 He Chenlan Finished file's %install
3d3b7de 2021-02-06 00:27:56 He Chenlan Fixed xz file error
5053c2b 2021-02-06 00:24:47 He Chenlan xz %install
4789cfb 2021-02-05 14:35:11 He Chenlan Deleted unwanted arch.
238278d 2021-02-05 14:29:15 He Chenlan Fixed some


Name Rev. Time Author Message
master 5583815 2021-02-14 14:09:22 He Chenlan Changed some config of open...

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