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Project Description

This Redmine plugin is made to be able to attend information such as the Permissions report, the workflow and so on from the general user.

In the case of the workflow, the flow charts is viewable.

System Requirements

System requirement is not defined

Released at 2011-07-28 23:02
rp-information 0.2.3 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

  • Feature
    • Show E-mail notification action in settings information
  • Bugfix
    • Work flow chart
      • Last status flow
      • The flow only from higher position to lower one.
  • 機能追加
    • 設定情報でメール通知するアクションの表示
  • バグ修正
    • ワークフローチャート
      • 最後のステータスの遷移
      • 位置が大きい方から小さい方だけへの遷移


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