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The main repository for rulp in Mercurial

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Revisiond70c495c935409eb001ba031001165c8284c3660 (tree)
Time2022-04-10 09:00:35
AuthorGiulio De Stasio <giuliods@user...>
CommiterGiulio De Stasio

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updated README and hgignore

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diff -r f964dff7e1de -r d70c495c9354 .hgignore
--- a/.hgignore Sun Apr 10 01:53:45 2022 +0200
+++ b/.hgignore Sun Apr 10 02:00:35 2022 +0200
@@ -8,3 +8,4 @@
88 *.deb
99 *.rpm
1010 *~undo-tree~
diff -r f964dff7e1de -r d70c495c9354 README
--- a/README Sun Apr 10 01:53:45 2022 +0200
+++ b/README Sun Apr 10 02:00:35 2022 +0200
@@ -33,18 +33,3 @@
3333 * (asdf:make :rulp)
3535 Use CTRL+D to exit console.
37-## Documentation
39-The software include a texinfo and man manuals for using and programming
40-in rulp. The source version it also provide a manual with the explaination
41-of all the components, the abstraction and the implementation
43-This is meant to be used by me (whenever I come back to the project after
44-some time) but it is written to be understandable and usable for everybody.
46-If you want to make edits to the software the manual is omni-comprehensive
47-and let you know where things should go and why.
49-If you make improvements or mode please contact me so i can add them to the
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