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sagcad: bus error under os x (2004-07-23 21:18 by Anonymous #10315)


this is mainly a message for the sagcad developers. Maybe they know how to solve this problem. sagcad configures and compiles fine under os x 10.3 but produces a bus error:
(gdb) backtrace
#0 0x00000000 in ?? ()
Cannot access memory at address 0x0
Cannot access memory at address 0x0
#1 0x00030518 in getFileName (lpszPath=0x8d7e0 "normal.cxf") at etc.c:343
#2 0x00040a44 in font_open (font_file=0x8d7e0 "normal.cxf") at List_font.c:550
#3 0x000598e0 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffce0) at sagcad.c:297
I had a brief look at the file but really don't understand what the line 343 is for:
if((WHAT_KANJI((unsigned char *) lpszPtr) & charset) == charset )

any clue ?


Uwe Kuhlmann

RE: sagcad: bus error under os x (2004-07-23 22:31 by Anonymous #10316)

Hi again,

meanwhile I was able to get sagcad running by blocking the rest of the annoying function:
char *getFileName(char *lpszPath)
char *lpszPtr = lpszPath;
int charset = 0, Ret;
int (*WHAT_KANJI)(/* unsigned */ char *str) = 0;

-> return lpszPath; }<-

My feeling is the function is related to japanese typing only, right?
I have not tested the program thoroughly but everythings seems to work. Congratulations for the software. I makes a good impression and you can claim that it's even running on the mac;-)


Uwe Kuhlmann
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RE: sagcad: bus error under os x (2004-07-23 23:36 by kappa #10318)

Thank you.
I don't understand mac.
I didn't understand an error with the environment of Mac.
I attempt to examine.
If my English is odd, it is sorry.

Yutaka Sagiya
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RE2: sagcad: bus error under os x (2004-07-24 00:41 by kappa #10319)

It is here Attempt to use "etc.c".

etc.c Rev.1.12

Yutaka Sagiya.
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