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2018-06-11 03:56 (by doriandotslash)

Recent updates have broken so many things, that the projects needs to be restarted from scratch. Updates from the Ubuntu repos just overwrite everything I've customized, create errors, and bricked the installations.

Since I can no long (Show more...)


2018-03-27 14:33 (by doriandotslash)

There have been many hurdles since the spectre/meltdown patches caused havoc with virtual machines, specifically the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

Scion Mercury 18.2.6 has been released with several fixes and improvements. The VirtualBox (Show more...)


2018-03-05 10:13 (by doriandotslash)

Canonical has decided to start collecting data from its users starting with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Although this may change before the official release.
It's an option during installation to allow them to collect system information wh (Show more...)


2018-03-04 16:49 (by doriandotslash)

A lot is going on. Scion Linux is moving to OSDN and leaving SourceForge because of recent issues with downtime.
The next release of 18.3, codenamed "Venus", is due out in the next couple of weeks. With the change to a differe (Show more...)
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