Scion on Ubuntu 18.04's data collection policy
2018-03-05 10:13 (by doriandotslash)

Canonical has decided to start collecting data from its users starting with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Although this may change before the official release.

It's an option during installation to allow them to collect system information which is checked be default. This is called "opt-out" where it is assumed you will participate unless you uncheck the box. This should be an opt-in option where you CHOOSE to enable and participate in it. This is only related to new installation and does not affect upgraders.

How does this affect Scion Linux?
Scion is built on an Ubuntu base system and inherits most of its basic functions and features.

Will Scion also be opt-out by default?
No. Scion Linux will be opt-in by default regardless of the decision Canonical makes so that you may choose if you want to participate. Also, any extra software required for data collection will not be installed by default for Scion Linux.

Is this a big deal?
Depends. The data will be system data, hardware and software. No usernames or passwords, no IP addresses or any other personal or revealing data will be shared. The biggest issue is really being opt-out vs opt-in, which is why Scion will be opt-in by default, IE no data will be collected by Scion, EVER.

Data collected in Ubuntu 18.04 will consist of

  • Flavour and Version of Ubuntu
  • Network connectivity or not
  • CPU family
  • RAM
  • Disk(s) size
  • Screen(s) resolution
  • GPU vendor and model
  • OEM Manufacturer
  • Location (based on the location selection made during install)
  • No IP information
  • Time taken for Installation
  • Auto-login enabled or not
  • Disk layout selected
  • Third party software selected or not
  • Download updates during install or not
  • LivePatch enabled or not


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