Scion 18.2.6 Released
2018-03-27 14:33 (by doriandotslash)

There have been many hurdles since the spectre/meltdown patches caused havoc with virtual machines, specifically the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

Scion Mercury 18.2.6 has been released with several fixes and improvements. The VirtualBox drivers have been updated to be compatible with the post-patching version of 5.2.8 and above. The kernel has also been updated to version 4.13.

The software selection has been tweaked to include lighter, faster packages like xfce4-terminal, mpv, and xcompmgr. The custom Scion software packages have also been improved in both efficiency, usefulness, and aesthetics. The update utility also now uses update-manager to apply updates. A welcome screen has also been added with helpful options.

This version is still based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and has been worked on and updated in parallel with the upcoming 18.3 Venus release to ensure a smooth transition and compatibility.

Testing has shown that on startup, the OS uses less than 290 MB of RAM after the initial package update checking has completed.

IMPORTANT! Please read this link as well as release notes before downloading :

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