Scion on hold, indefinitely
2018-06-11 03:56 (by doriandotslash)

Recent updates have broken so many things, that the projects needs to be restarted from scratch. Updates from the Ubuntu repos just overwrite everything I've customized, create errors, and bricked the installations.

Since I can no longer maintain this, and my other projects, I'm putting Scion on hold indefinitely. I may still work on it for fun, but this entire thing started out as a hobby and side project, and that's what it will be.

The final version of 18.3 Venus has been uploaded and will be available for download. Be aware than when you run updates on it, it will likely break the installation. There will be no support for this.

Most errors and issues can be solved by looking up similar errors and fixes that are related to Ubuntu.

It's been fun!

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