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NOTICE! : This project is on hold indefinitely. 18.3, based off of Ubuntu 18.04 worked great. Recent Ubuntu updates have made a mess of installations. Dozens of errors, overwritten customizations, and inability to boot, means almost starting over from scratch. I no longer have time to maintain such a project with this many issues. It is on hold, indefinitely. The final ISO of 18.3 will be uploaded, and that is all.

Scion Linux is a lightweight and easy to use Ubuntu-based distro. The ISO's live session may ask for username and password. The username is 'live' and the password is 'password'.

IMPORTANT! Please read the Release Notes for important information before using!

To see what's actually going on now, what's been done, and what is left to do for the first stable release, click the Project Changelog here

Changelogs are available in the downloads section under each individual release.
The forum is available for help under the "Communication" tab.

System Requirements

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Released at 2018-02-14 14:23
Scion Linux (ISO) Scion Linux (OLD VERSION) 18.2 Mercury (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

NOTE!: This is an old version which may cause issues with newer versions of VirtualBox. It also uses the old installer. For best results, download the newest version. This will be kept available for download strictly for anyone who is curious or would like to work with Scion.

It was a late night for me. Since I got so many downloads the first week, 2 reviews popped up on YouTube, and Scion is already on DistroWatch weekly, I figured it was very împortant to include a kernel that was up-to-date and properly patched for vulnerabilities.

You can see a complete list of what's new on the changelog

Pushing the release meant skipping the inclusion of a proper installer. However, the current one does the job really well and still allows a "live" boot to test it out first.

I wanted to make it clear that Scion is a Fixed/Standard release model based on the Ubuntu LTS releases. Changes to software that is custom made for Scion will however be updated from time to time for improvements. These updates are very small and will not break any of your current settings.

Upcoming software changes

Note: All changes below will be automatically updated via the Scion Updater.

Improvements will be made to the Scion Updater that runs in the system tray. There will be an option to list what packages will be updates. There will also be a custom-made icon which will signal what the installer is doing by changing into different status icons and/or changing colors.

Futher improvement to the Control Panel will take place to make it look nicer. The "enable touchpad" option for laptop touchpads will also remember the setting instead of always defaulting to "enabled".

A Welcome screen will be added upon first boot with some information on where to find things and how to change settings.

There may be an option added to run in "Lite Mode". As it is now with current features, Scion boots up with about 350-450 MB of Ram in use. I may include a Lite Mode which you can toggle on and off. This will prevent some features from starting, but it will bring boot-up RAM usage down to around 200 MB.

Bluetooth support.




Now using kernel 4.13.0-32-generic which is patched for Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

Scion Updater now starts automatically when logged in.

Control Panel item added for keyboard layout to support different languages/locales.

Control Panel layout changed again, smaller icons. OS version is now in bottom right corner.

New wallpapers.

Changed default login background and user icon.

Major code cleanup in scioncp package.

Synapse no longer starts by default but can be turned back on in its settings.