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This is an ongoing changelog for the version currently being worked on; 18.3 Venus, which should be released around the same time as the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release. Until all packages are frozen, there will be hourly updates, and since Scion is based on Ubuntu, we must wait for those updates to slow down. Until then, the latest beta of Scion Mercury (18.2.6) is available in the downloads section.

To-Do List

  • Add screenshot item to applauncher menu.
  • Make new wallpaper for 18.3.
  • Work on language translations.
  • Add Bluetooth packages

Current work in progress

  • Add "first run" app to set up a few things on first boot, and remove VirtualBox drivers if installed on hardware.
  • Installer tweaks with custom slideshow during installation. (Finished for Mercury installer, still working on Venus installer)
  • Kernel boot parameters being tweaked to support broader ACPI configurations and legacy hardware. Remains compatible with current modern hardware. (Still working on it)
  • Customize grub boot screen

Current changes on 18.3 since 18.2.4 (As of 26 March 2018)


  • Update (scioniron) utility now uses update-manager to process upgrades.
  • Update (scioniron) utility now changes icon to show status (checking, updates available etc)
  • Kernel changed from 4.4.0-112 to 4.13.0-36.
  • VLC has been removed and replaced with MPV.
  • Terminator has been removed and replaced with xfce4-terminal.
  • VirtualBox graphics drivers updated.
  • Changed default Plank theme from paperterial to shade.
  • Changed default window decor theme from Mercury-Small to Mercury.
  • Added welcome screen (scionwelcome).
  • Added option in control panel to toggle compositor.


  • Glipper (clipboard manager) has been removed