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Please note that this changelog is for the scioncp package only, which includes the control panel, leave panel and system updater.
For changelogs of the ISO itself which covers the entire OS, please see the changelogs in the release sections.

Note that in the changelog, the Update/Notification Utility is referred to as its codename "Iron".

(0.5) - 25-MAR-18

All programs (Control panel, leave panel, update utility and welcome screen) are now all separate packages. Each package can be found in the "Source Code" tab at the top of this page. Click on the respective package under the GIT section and you can see the updates for each package individually. This page will no longer be updated.

(0.4.0) - 02-MAR-18


  • Leave Panel : Colors and transparency adjusted
  • Iron : Changed notification to sync model, which automatically switches to the latest notification instead of waiting for a timeout.
  • Iron : Now detect network failure and notifies as such.
  • Control Panel : Reads current OS version and displays it along with appropriate codename in the bottom right corners. This used to be hard-coded.

(0.3.5) - 15-FEB-18


  • Updater cleanup
  • Control Panel resolution options
  • Leave panel changed from buttons to custom-made icons. Panel is also themed a little with darker transparency and a border.

(0.3.1] - 11-FEB-18


  • Major code cleanup and optimizing.
  • Control Panel item added for keyboard layout to support different languages/locales. (Must manually install lxkeymap)

(0.2.6] - 10-FEB-18


  • Iron: Stopped "Up to date" notification after every automatic check. Now only comes up after manual checking.
  • Iron: Change text for auto update option from "Check for updates" to "Automatic Checking" for clarity.

(0.2.5] - 10-FEB-18


  • Iron: Added "Up to date" notification when manually checked. Changed
  • Iron: Changed manual update checking function to run on polling thread.

(0.2.4] - 08-FEB-18


  • Iron: A package upgrade and notification utility


  • Control Panel: Added button to manualy start updater (Iron).