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Gradient banding issue (2013-10-15 20:01 by anonymous #70487)

I have installed Separate+ 0.5.8+lcms2 on GIMP 2.8.4 and thanks to the community I am able to separate the CMYK layers with the correct ICC profile. However, I am noticing a slight banding on the background gradient which is not there on the RGB render (generated by POV-Ray 3.6).

The best result is achieved with "source colour space" set to "Adobe RGB (1998)..." and "Use BPC algorithm" ticked, export file format set to JPEG. The resulting CMYK colours are a close match to the original RGB, but the banding is still noticeable, especially in the darker parts of a fairly light grey gradient.

The "dither" option in the Separate+ dialogue box is greyed out, so I can't try it!

I am under a tight time constraint and would appreciate any help on this matter.

Many thanks.

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