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ART is a flexible simulation framework for wind instruments. It includes a growing library of modelling elements. So far bore discontinuities, branches, tone holes, cylindrical and conical tubes, Bessel horns and bent tubes are available for frequency domain modelling.

In the time domain generic bidirectional propagation elements, scattering elements, fractional delays, convolution with reflection functions and general z-domain networks are available and can be described using MuParserX expressions. Cylindrical and conical ducts can also be defined based on their geometry.

Available models and their parameters can be enumerated and combined to form simulators for complex acoustical structures. Parameters can be specified symbolically by expressions containing other parameter values or global variables.

Dependencies between parameters are resolved at run time. However, MuParserX expressions are compiled at design time. Zero-delay loops are detected and reported.

System Requirements

Operating System: All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7), OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms), Windows 7

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Setup_ART_V0.10_TAP_V2.5_Build.007.exe 104.1 MB 2013-07-31 06:05 6
TAP-User-Manual.pdf 1.1 MB 2013-07-18 07:10 31
TAP-Reference-Manual.pdf 919.9 KB 2013-07-18 07:09 15
ARTv0_10doc.chm 1.5 MB 2013-07-18 07:03 9
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ReadMe.txt4.5 KB2013-07-31 06:212
Setup_ART_V0.10_TAP_V2.5_Build.007.exe104.1 MB2013-07-31 06:056
Setup_ART_V0.10_TAP_V2.5_Build.006.exe104.1 MB2013-07-17 20:342
Setup_ART_V0.9_TAP_V2.5_Build.005.exe21.8 MB2011-09-15 00:374
acousticCircuit.rar578.8 KB2011-09-13 23:393
ReadMe_AcCi.txt2.0 KB2011-09-13 23:371
Files for manual installation (TAP + ART)
ReadMe_Exe_man.txt5.0 KB2011-09-13 23:331
ins-spec.txt2.0 KB2011-09-13 23:331
ART_exe_v0_9.zip578.9 KB2011-09-13 23:332
ART_exe_v0_8.zip566.4 KB2011-08-09 19:461
trumpet.ins1.5 KB2011-07-02 02:353
TAP-Win32-V2.5.zip20.9 MB2011-07-02 02:3253
ReadMe_Exe_root.txt1.2 KB2011-09-13 23:312
ART_dll_v0_9.zip612.2 KB2011-09-13 23:311
ART_dll_v0_8.zip517.8 KB2011-08-09 19:483
ReadMe_deb.txt0.6 KB2012-03-25 20:300
art-0.9.1-Linux.deb1.6 MB2012-03-21 17:184
TAP-User-Manual.pdf1.1 MB2013-07-18 07:1031
TAP-Reference-Manual.pdf919.9 KB2013-07-18 07:0915
ARTv0_10doc.chm1.5 MB2013-07-18 07:039
ARTv0_10doc.pdf1.2 MB2013-07-18 07:0322
ReadMe_Doc.txt5.7 KB2011-09-13 23:264
Braden.ppt555.5 KB2011-03-02 23:326
chadefaux_delphine_iwk.pdf10.0 MB2011-03-02 23:3219
ARTSIM.ppt780.5 KB2011-03-02 23:289
ARTSIM.doc105.0 KB2011-03-02 23:278
ReadMe_sources.txt3.8 KB2012-03-25 20:181
artool_source_v0_9_1.zip694.0 KB2012-03-21 17:252
DelphiSampleApplications_ART_dll_v0_9.zip3.7 MB2011-09-14 21:481
acousticCircuit.zip847.3 KB2011-09-14 21:431
artool_source_v0_9.zip1.1 MB2011-09-13 23:282
artool_source_v0_8.zip3.4 MB2011-08-09 20:161
DelphiSampleApplication_ART_dll_v0_8.zip740.8 KB2011-08-09 20:162
TAP-Win32-V2.5-Source-MSVC++6.zip651.3 KB2011-03-03 22:4333
ReadMe.txt9.1 KB2011-07-01 22:011