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AthenaCentral is used since 2006 by health club chains, fitness centers, gyms and many membership organizations. It offers multilingual, multi-country and multi-center functionality. Its flexibility and power enables you to quickly adapt to environmental as well as organizational changes. The system includes components for integrating additional technologies such as access control (barcode, RFID, fingerprints, ...).

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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athenacentralvm1.rar 1,560.7 MB 2014-01-21 03:28 14
Virtual Machine MySQL server ready to use.pdf 601.2 KB 2014-01-21 02:19 36
AthenaHost-Technogym.pdf 333.9 KB 2014-01-16 21:37 25
How to install AthenaCentral v 2.pdf 671.5 KB 2014-01-14 23:21 82
AthenaHost-fingerprints.pdf 403.8 KB 2014-01-14 23:01 31
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athenacentralvm1.rar1,560.7 MB2014-01-21 03:2814
AthenaCentralSetupv2.rar13.2 MB2014-01-14 04:434
Virtual Machine MySQL server ready to use.pdf601.2 KB2014-01-21 02:1936
AthenaHost-Technogym.pdf333.9 KB2014-01-16 21:3725
How to install AthenaCentral v 2.pdf671.5 KB2014-01-14 23:2182
AthenaHost-fingerprints.pdf403.8 KB2014-01-14 23:0131
AthenaHost-RFID-Gantner.pdf305.8 KB2014-01-14 23:0122
AthenaHost-RFID-Metra.pdf175.6 KB2014-01-14 23:0112
overview.pdf213.9 KB2014-01-14 23:0128
screenshots.pdf967.9 KB2014-01-14 23:0115