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CodeBlocks With A full development environment.

Created for ease of use incorporating some tools ported from linux and a few workarounds to Win 7/Vista UAC Security. It Uses MinGW64 instead of the standard MinGW, Allthough MinGW is included as well. Latest addition is the TinyCC compiler.

Msys was modified heavily and is pretty rock solid now. The Development tools for Msys binaries have been relocated to there own mount point under /MsysDev to avoid having them picked up by the windows compilers. /MsysDev is only on PATH in Msys developer mode.

Small note. A few of the tools ported from Cygwin choke on Msys Auto PATH conversions in MinGW mode, so i included windows versions of most of the affected tools.

Msys Core has been modified with basic unicode functionality, and a few fixes to increase stability (mostly mmap related) and its pretty solid now.
Unfortunatly the source used was from the latest Msys Core which later turned out to have a bug when using make -j num.

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