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A distribution scheme for providing multiple user access to a .Net decorated subset of your domain, properties as well as methods.

It consists of a facade and consumer layer generator for distributing a decorated subset of your domain over WCF (dual HTTP), supporting domain driven design

On server side, you just need to wrap the generated facades and a support dll in your WCF backend and on client side, you use the generated consumers as a remote domain

The most important design choice is that there is no transaction mechanism, it is made to pass every change immediatly to the server instance and if the change provokes notifications within the domain, this may result in callbacks passed as soon as possible to the clients which observe the changed domain entities.

Care is taken to prevent deadlocking in the generated transport layers, minimize downloading with stubbing, optimize redundant fetching with caching.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Mobile, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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