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jsMultiCalendar is a free javascript used to emulate a calendar (for data picking). It is optimized to provide high speed of execution, flexibility and aesthetics. Parameterization is very simple, colors change can be quick done in CSS.
Here are seven key features that differentiates this from similar script:

It is multilingual, it can dynamically select one of six languages.
It allows dynamic formatting of data display depending on the context.
You can automatic close the form after selecting the date.
Can be locked prior data current selection.
The style of the date display is distinguished by its status
It allows you to pick the dates for one or more data fields in the same form.
Automatic positioning of the form depending on call location.
Besides the fact that this script includes all these facilities, their setting can be done dynamically "on the fly", depending on individual requirements. Setting can be done using a dedicated function.

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