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MangaCat is a manga cataloguing program to manage your manga collection. With mangaCat, you will be able to catagorise Scanlated Manga archives into volume/chapter ascociations based on Manga name.

The MangaCat software suite is modeled after popular media players such as Winanp and Windows media player where the user can import media files and manage them through tagging in the media library.

Once you have imported your manga files into the Media LIbrary, you can read your manga files through the built in manga reader.

System Requirements

Operating System: Linux, Windows 7

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README.txt 0.5 KB 2013-09-18 23:53 11
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Linux x86-setup.jar 14.3 MB 2013-09-18 20:57 39
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Linux x64-setup.jar 14.2 MB 2013-09-18 20:56 101
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Windows x86-setup.exe 23.7 MB 2013-09-18 20:55 120
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Windows x64-setup.exe 23.7 MB 2013-09-18 20:55 58
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README.txt0.5 KB2013-09-18 23:5311
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Linux x86-setup.jar14.3 MB2013-09-18 20:5739
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Linux x64-setup.jar14.2 MB2013-09-18 20:56101
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Windows x86-setup.exe23.7 MB2013-09-18 20:55120
MangaCat v0.5.0.0 Windows x64-setup.exe23.7 MB2013-09-18 20:5558
MangaCatTag 0.1.1
README.txt0.6 KB2012-01-31 16:550
MangaCatTag v0.1.1.jar848.6 KB2012-01-31 16:256
MangaCatTag v0.1.1 javadoc.zip661.3 KB2012-01-30 07:167
README.txt0.5 KB2012-01-08 00:134
MangaCatTag 0.1.0
MangaCatTag v0.1.0.jar834.3 KB2012-01-07 23:1819