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mobbo its a Habbo Gaming Repository in this Place you found anything to make a best HabboRetro.

-- swfs: its a swf style editing project in this project you can find various style editing
-- mobbo: its a powerrfull and perfect habbogaming cms.
-- sul0wn: its the power of the free habbo emulation, its fast, and beautifull.
-- Utilities: you can find all you need to make a good habbo server/editing

Last Version of mobboCMS: 5.4 Alpha
Updated: 18/03/2014

credits to bi0s
Skype: m0vame
(C) 2014 the m0vame project and the bi0s foundation

System Requirements

Operating System: Cygwin (MS Windows)

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Latest 5 files
Name Size Date Download count
azureWEB 28.5 MB 2015-04-20 23:13 72
azureEMU 2.1 MB 2015-04-20 23:13 155
AppleWS.exe 66.4 MB 2014-08-23 06:05 25
pScript 118.2 KB 2014-08-21 01:02 11
pScript 122.1 KB 2014-07-31 06:05 7
All Files
Azure CMS
azureWEB v1.0.340.zip28.5 MB2015-04-20 23:1372
Azure Emulator
azureEMU v1.0.172.zip2.1 MB2015-04-20 23:13155
Apple WebServer
AppleWS.exe66.4 MB2014-08-23 06:0525
PhPBB pScript
pScript 0.1e.zip118.2 KB2014-08-21 01:0211
pScript 1.0c.zip122.1 KB2014-07-31 06:057
pScript 1.0b.zip87.9 KB2014-06-12 07:446
pScript 10.a.zip82.4 KB2014-06-11 02:434
Habbo Utilities
Habbo GameCenter.rar5.4 MB2014-04-07 00:0763
HabboUI editor r2.4.5 + FurniEditor.rar1.5 MB2013-08-01 22:36255
NaviCat 10.1.exe32.2 MB2013-03-25 23:459
Flash Decompiler SWF Editor Cracked.zip11.7 MB2013-03-25 23:33225
Habbo Complete NewsImage Gallery.rar9.0 MB2013-03-25 09:416
Habbo Hotel Complete HabboWeb.rar24.0 MB2013-03-24 08:1050