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4,723,873 bytes

Project Description

My personal tool development

1) mlak -. Useful text log analysis tool -. Most features are almost similar to TextAnalysisTool.NET by David Anson. -. But several useful options are available in my tool such as font face change, blank line skip, background color in filter string, default filter file loading, removal string upon file load, etc. :)

2) mztool -. specific nv item change regarding band_pref

* Build tools & libs

-. Code::Blocks 10.05 (Cross-Platform IDE) -. TDM-GCC 4.6.1 (C++ Compiler) -. wxWidget 2.9.3 (Cross-Platform GUI Toolkit Library) -. wxFormBuilder 3.1 (Open Source GUI Builder for wxWidgets) -. Boost C++ 1.48.0 RegEx library for regular expression engine -. pugixml library for XML file handling