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Check out our new website where we will host all future updates and improvements. The Sourceforge site will no longer be maintained and updated.

Project Chronos is an open source time lapse rail. It is a fully features system that offers the same level of control as professional systems costing thousands of dollars. It is also the most accurate time lapse system available capable of making accurate movements 1/125th the width of a human hair. And the best news, is this is 100% open source with all schematics, parts lists, and instructions online and free to use. Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

For more information check the home screen and the wiki on this project page, also be sure to check out my Vimeo channel to see the system in actions as well as any news updates.

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CHRONOS_2_0_JAN_23_2013.ino 60.3 KB 2013-04-11 08:55 10
Chronos 2 Control box assembly 2-13-2013..docx 14.9 MB 2013-03-25 11:17 15
DB9 pinout.jpg 58.6 KB 2013-03-16 06:05 11
Live Ramping Tutorial.doc 27.0 KB 2013-02-07 06:14 9
README.txt 2.9 KB 2013-02-07 05:57 7
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Chronos 2.0 Schematic and Code
CHRONOS_2_0_JAN_23_2013.ino60.3 KB2013-04-11 08:5510
DB9 pinout.jpg58.6 KB2013-03-16 06:0511
Live Ramping Tutorial.doc27.0 KB2013-02-07 06:149
README.txt2.9 KB2013-02-07 05:577
Chronos Calibration Jan 23 code..doc33.0 KB2013-02-07 05:548
CHRONOS_2_0_DEC_25_FILE_1.ino63.9 KB2012-12-30 06:474
Chronos 2 Manual french.doc142.0 KB2012-12-22 05:085
Chronos 2 Manual italiano.doc158.5 KB2012-09-28 06:347
Chronos 2 Manual (1).doc105.5 KB2012-09-06 06:0910
CHRONOS 2.0 Schematic.bmp4.0 MB2012-05-19 09:3922
Chronos 2 Control box assembly 2-13-2013..docx14.9 MB2013-03-25 11:1715
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NewSoftSerial.h3.7 KB2012-08-24 12:27975
NewSoftSerial.cpp13.5 KB2012-08-24 12:2734
Chronos_test_and_calibration_tool.pde1.1 KB2012-01-11 01:2915
Chronos.png77.2 KB2011-11-30 03:427