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The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal units for medical informatics. It contains reusable source code for a wide field of health-care application development. The code includes converting functions for measurement units and an HL7 engine.

PUMA is compatible with Lazarus and Free Pascal. Some of the units also support other Pascal implementations including Delphi, winsoft Pocket Studio and other compilers.

System Requirements

Operating System: All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7), OS Portable (Source code to work with many OS platforms), Android, Apple iPhone, PalmOS, MacOS 9 or before, MacOSX, POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..), BSD, BSD/OS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Other, SunOS/Solaris, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP, BeOS, OS/2

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readme.txt 1.7 KB 2018-11-01 03:58 0
EDFplus engine 235.2 KB 2018-10-31 22:30 2
EDFPlus_Engine_1.0.pdf 230.5 KB 2018-10-31 22:27 3
HL7 engine 311.8 KB 2017-12-17 05:06 4
Unit_Converter_1.4.pdf 92.2 KB 2016-12-07 06:19 5
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EDFplus engine
readme.txt1.7 KB2018-11-01 03:580
EDFplus engine for Lazarus and Free Pascal
EDFplus engine 1.0.0.zip235.2 KB2018-10-31 22:302
EDFPlus_Engine_1.0.pdf230.5 KB2018-10-31 22:273
HL7 engine
HL7 engine for Lazarus and Free Pascal
HL7 engine 2.0.1.zip311.8 KB2017-12-17 05:064
HL7 engine 2.0.zip311.0 KB2015-04-28 03:430
Old versions
HL7 engine 1.6.1.zip621.8 KB2014-08-21 05:1010
HL7 engine 1.6.0.zip620.9 KB2014-08-17 02:180
HL7 engine 1.5.0.zip614.7 KB2014-05-11 01:171
HL7 engine 1.4.0.zip603.1 KB2014-03-19 04:261
HL7 engine 1.3.0.zip569.1 KB2014-01-14 08:413
HL7 engine 1.2.0.zip561.3 KB2013-12-21 22:295
HL7 engine 1.1.0.zip559.5 KB2013-12-15 04:415
HL7 engine 1.0.0.zip556.7 KB2013-12-12 06:243
HL7_Engine_2.0.0.pdf686.7 KB2016-01-01 05:4719
HL7_Engine_1.6.pdf638.2 KB2014-08-19 06:4026
HL7_Engine_1.4.pdf280.4 KB2014-03-19 05:1828
HL7_Engine_1.3.pdf280.4 KB2014-01-16 05:5438
HL7_Engine_1.2.1.pdf170.4 KB2013-12-31 08:1532
HL7_Engine_1.2.pdf125.7 KB2013-12-24 03:0244
HL7_Engine_1.1.pdf102.2 KB2013-12-14 08:4524
HL7_Engine_1.0.pdf113.9 KB2013-12-12 09:1647
readme.txt1.4 KB2014-01-05 03:219
Unit converter
Unit_Converter_1.4.pdf92.2 KB2016-12-07 06:195
Old versions
Unit_Converter_1.3.pdf85.0 KB2014-05-11 01:052
Unit_Converter_1.2.1.pdf78.4 KB2014-01-25 08:261
Unit_Converter_1.2.0.pdf66.9 KB2013-11-04 09:174
Unit_Converter_1.1.4.pdf66.9 KB2013-10-23 07:212
Unit_Converter_1.1.pdf65.9 KB2013-10-14 02:572
Unit_Converter_1.0.2.pdf65.9 KB2013-10-13 05:421
Unit_Converter_1.0.1.pdf61.8 KB2013-10-13 01:551
Unit_Converter_1.0.pdf61.7 KB2013-10-13 01:030
readme.txt1.3 KB2016-12-07 05:417
Unit converter for Lazarus and Free Pascal
Unit converter 1.4.zip273.9 KB2016-12-07 05:390
Old versions
Unit converter 1.3.2.zip272.2 KB2014-11-08 06:250
Unit converter 1.3.1.zip272.1 KB2014-07-31 08:270
Unit converter 1.3.zip270.4 KB2014-05-11 01:012
Unit converter 1.2.3.zip272.6 KB2014-02-08 21:510
Unit converter 1.2.2.zip272.5 KB2014-01-24 04:491
Unit converter 1.2.1.zip395.0 KB2013-12-29 06:551
Unit converter 1.2.0.zip270.0 KB2013-11-02 10:420
Unit converter 1.1.2.zip265.2 KB2013-10-19 08:321
Unit converter 1.1.1.zip265.2 KB2013-10-15 03:271
Unit converter 1.1.0.zip265.4 KB2013-10-14 02:550
Unit converter 1.0.3.zip264.9 KB2013-10-13 05:410
Unit converter 1.0.2.zip264.0 KB2013-10-13 02:530
Unit converter 1.0.1.zip262.7 KB2013-10-13 01:081
Unit converter 1.0.zip130.2 KB2013-10-13 01:072
Unit converter for Delphi XE and RAD Studio
Unit converter 1.4.zip119.1 KB2016-12-07 05:381
Old versions
Unit converter 1.3.2.zip24.8 KB2014-11-08 06:200
Unit converter 1.3.1.zip24.7 KB2014-07-31 08:260
Unit converter 1.2.3.zip22.2 KB2014-02-08 21:490
Unit converter for Delphi
Unit converter 1.4.zip27.7 KB2016-12-07 05:3811
Old versions
Unit converter 1.3.2.zip28.8 KB2014-11-08 06:200
Unit converter 1.3.1.zip28.2 KB2014-07-31 08:260
Unit converter 1.2.3.zip26.3 KB2014-02-08 21:490
Unit converter 1.2.2.zip49.6 KB2014-01-24 04:480