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Author:Tyson Decker
Description:Generates an nxn rubiks cube using three.js. Inspired by the game at

Version info

0.3 - Added ability to color each individual sticker

Added ability to turn sides. Made an algorithm
so that you can turn any side of any nxn cube (the multilayer offset feature in cube.html isn't functional yet)

Added scramble function

0.2 - Changed the version of three.js to the most recent

Added each sticker to a face object to make positioning

generated two planes per sticker to there would be
color on the oposite side.

Generated the entire cube instead of one face

0.1 - Implemented three.js. cube.js now generates one side
of an nxn cube that is centered and facing the camera.
Color, sticker width, and sticker spacing can be

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