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This is an operating system that I wrote when I read the old version Linux. But I haven't finish this system, as you can see from the code, some files such as POWER.C. Since I am a student, I have to spend most of my time to read paper and write paper, maybe I can't finish this project so soon. There may be some bugs or some problems with this system. If you find out them, please feel free to contact me by email. What's new in this system is that I try to make the kernel work in a signal-slot mechanism just as Qt. This is not a real-time OS. I want to run it on some embed device. You can compile and run it on Linux.

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    • utils.lib (Date: 2012-07-12, Size: 230.21 KB)
    • uartstdio.h (Date: 2012-07-12, Size: 3.05 KB)
    • uart.h (Date: 2012-07-12, Size: 11.84 KB)
    • systick.h (Date: 2012-07-12, Size: 2.35 KB)
    • sysctl.h (Date: 2012-07-12, Size: 27.20 KB)

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