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Track, in realtime, horizontal and vertical displacement of object in webcam. Log timestamp, x and y to comma-separated value (.csv) file importable to spreadsheet.

Uses Lukas-Kanade algorithm and based on lkdemo.cpp in OpenCV, stripped down to track single point in high contrast against a uniform background. Based on the BSD licensed OpenCV, TrackXY also has BSD-style license.

I am a bit embarrassed to be posting this here, because it's such a rudimentary program, but I couldn't find any other ready-made program that would track an object in real-time from webcam, other than an $80 special-purpose program used in the original (torsion balance) experiment we were replicating. I released TrackXY to reduce barriers to entry to science.

Planned features include versions for each platform, a GUI, comprehensive data management, and data analysis tools.

To analyze motion in /recorded/ video (not real-time), you may prefer something like PhysMo, also a SourceForge project.

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Operating System: Windows XP

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