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New configuration items for Zabbix-2 allow it to discover installed hard drives (HDD) on scanned hosts. Where data is available, this will return HDD manufacturer information which may include items such as model number and/or name, and possibly SMARTCL (or other command) status information. It was tested and used for FreeBSD, Solaris, and several flavors of Red Hat based Linux hosts.

As this is an auto-discovery process, it will reflect changes in "HDD space" when there are any changes in host H/W.

Whilst this project was in quasi-production mode for a year or more, there were some goals that were not realized during its lifetime. Please review the "README.first" file in the main directory.

The implementation of the HDD configuration requires an experienced Zabbix-2 administrator. This is not a "plug-and-play" project as many site/environment names, commands, et cetera, need to be reviewed and modified as needed.