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2018-08-22 09:03 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.15.0-33 Aug 19/2018Latest build comes with updates to Google Chrome, Libreoffice and Rambox. As well Wine installer now builds 2.13 upstream wine and the expansion now includes spotify. Some improvements were mad (Show more...)


2018-07-22 19:29 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.15.0-29New build features a switch to the default repository as well as updates to LibreOffice and Qemu.
A full list of updates is available at


2018-07-03 06:44 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.15.0-24The newest release is the first build that reflects the switch from the 4.13 Kernel to 4.15. In addition several packages have seen updates as well as improvements to KVM performance.
Full list of updates can be found at


2018-04-30 15:47 (by sharklinux)

This release introduces an updated build for LXD-UI which will now provide the newest release. Any existing installations which have built the old version will automatically migrate to the new release the next time the LXDPanel interface i (Show more...)


2018-02-22 15:44 (by sharklinux)

Delays in this release were caused by sourceforge services being unavailable due to complications with a data migration. Coincidently, though unrelated, some issues occurred with which had an impact both on the main site a (Show more...)


2018-02-10 07:49 (by sharklinux)

Feb 9/18 SharkLinux Release Build 4.13.0-33Latest build reflects several updates to software since the previous release as well ships with improvements to system maintenance functions and build scripts.* Several key packages have seen upda (Show more...)


2018-01-26 21:21 (by sharklinux)

Latest build comes with some updated software and jumps to using 4.13.0-32 from based on the the previous *-25. . Minor back end cleanup has continued but this hasnt caused any major changes. uGet now comes integrated with firefox nightly (Show more...)


2018-01-19 15:16 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux never had an official debut release. The original target in terms for an intended release date for SharkLinux was early 2018. Obviously things didnt end up going quite as planned. All the same we have now reached the new year wh (Show more...)


2017-12-22 14:04 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.13.0-22New image reflecting any updates since past release. Notable addition is limited to a new vagrant machine featuring Bionic Beaver 18.04. Development has been migrating to a new cloud provider due to spons (Show more...)


2017-12-06 13:15 (by sharklinux)

SharkLinux Release Build 4.13.0-19 Dec 6/2017* Wavebox Replaced by Rambox - Better offering for free use.
* Now offering Bionic Beaver - All vagrant boxes have been updated and a new machine with Ubuntu 18.04 (Development) has been adde (Show more...)
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