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simphone 0.8.1


simphone build scripts

The build subdirectory contains scripts to compile Simphone and data
which they need. Output files are generated in-place. A short overview:       unix shell script to create shar installer.            main installer script (calls            fetch required dependencies and compile Simphone.

build_qt(.bat)          compile the Qt toolkit (.bat version for windows).

build_simphone(.bat)    compile Simphone (.bat version for windows).             perl version of the 'uudecode' program.                windows version of the 'patch' program.

config-win32/           build_simcore.bat compiles simcore under windows
                        in the absence of a 'make' program.

rlink/                  removes unused code and data from windows exe.

makedepend/             source code of makedepend program (for mac os).

Please refer to the doc/compiling.html to see how to use the scripts.
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